Palm Springs / The Junipero

Kyle and I spent some time away after our wedding, and we decided to spend it in Los Angeles where we first met. I've told him countless times how much he would love the desert and the uniqueness of Palm Springs, since he had never been, and it's a place I know and love. We were listening to the "Star Wars: Force Awakens" soundtrack as we drove in through the mountains and the main road taking you to Palm Springs. The sun was close to setting and it made me so happy to look at Kyle's face in awe, mostly because he felt like he was on Jakku and it was great.


We stayed at the Junipero, a lovely tucked away compound in the heart of Palm Springs that made us feel like we were on a retreat in Tuscany or Morocco, still carrying along a mid century vibe. We loved the stillness of the trees and the safety of the mountains, and how warm and welcoming our stay was. With only 3 days in the desert and lots to see, we definitely regret not spending most of our time at the property; everything was so lovely. If you ever plan to make a getaway to the desert / Palm Springs, you need to check out The Desert Collective, a project Jaime Kowal started by taking on properties and creating them into spaces, including an amazing Tikki bar and Ernest Coffee. Thank you Jaime and friends for having us at one of your gems.