This past Sunday, I spent my afternoon at Ariane and Joe's, and their newest additions to the family, Weston and Harrison. I had shot their wedding earlier this year, while Ariane was pregnant, and to now be in their new home, with the two boys out in the open, was really lovely. I think motherhood is a beautiful and scary thing. I'm not generally a big fan of babies, and the thought of pregnancy and childbirth and all the things that come with that scare me, but I am excited to someday experience what it's like when you give your whole self to a little human being who has little bits and pieces of you in them, and ultimately getting to share in their journey and see them blossom.

To be a carrier of life, but not the owner of it. To show Love and be shown, to see your insecurities and frustrations and hurdles arise from within because you are just a human being, like the little one you're holding in your arms. And you, too, need to be shown Love. Thank you for letting me spend a precious afternoon with your two little humans, Ariane and Joe.