To Be With You

On my recent trip to LA, My last week there was spent in Mt. Washington with Kyle and his sister Kelly who came from Houston. I had always admired Kyle and Kelly from afar, and got to know them through their various social media platforms. I loved the way Kyle saw things, his humour, and obviously his love for Star Wars. We started talking a lot in late fall of last year and basically wrote novels to each other and we were both so excited and giddy we kept telling each other we felt like we were 14 all over again - pretty much still are. I was already planning to be in LA in February and even prior to us talking, tried to convince him to come (through Snapchat, lol). Our first time meeting was so surreal and lovely and a relief as I was terribly nervous and had to sit on a chair and not move that morning. The night before I went to bed at 7:30pm while hugging 3 pillows because clearly that's the only reasonable solution. 

I don't really have words to describe this week, everything felt cinematic and like scenes from a movie and we had a lot of great food and laughed a lot and watched Back to the Future. It's just nice to feel at peace about someone, to know they are an extension of yourself, to talk about that and talk about everything. He is that person for me and so much more.