CA Exteriors

My past three weeks were spent traveling around Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, OC, and Los Angeles. My sister and I were working on our music video for our first single the week we arrived in the desert, and then drove south to San Diego and then Newport, and spent the remainder of our trip in Los Angeles. 

The first thing I notice, even at the airport of LAX, is the architecture and exteriors and typography that makes me drool. It's the casual pops of colors, the 60s inspired fonts, and everything blends in together so nicely. But it wasn't done on purpose, it just looks like a mashup of different styles and cultures and eras. There are many things I like about you, California, but this is definitely one of the things that makes me shed tears because it's so casual it hurts. In other words, here are some photos
taken on my phone of buildings, walls, exteriors, etc.