Back 2 School

I just came back from my trip to Houston. I was there for a month visiting muh man Kyle and his family. They recently went through a very long adoption process to adopt 3 kids from Ukraine, and I had heard so much about them, so it was lovely to spend time with them and get to know his whole famjam for the first time. It's been hard transitioning back in the burbs of Toronto after being immersed for a month in a different home with such wonderful people, but it's nice to be back and focus on projects and music and catch up with everyone. 

While in Houston, we drove by a school and I thought 'dang you lookin real good' mostly because of the art deco vibe and the color. And then I found out it was the school in the movie Rushmore by Wes Anderson, and I thought 'oh okay I see' and I shot some photos there anyway.