Thirteen Palms / 22 Days

A few weeks ago I flew out to LA to shoot our second music video for Sonagur with the one n only Kevin Clark. We crammed everything we needed to shoot in 3 days, and shot most of it in Palm Springs. We also had a limited amount of 16mm film for the video and wanted to make sure we scheduled out the shot list properly. I reached out to a property there called Thirteen Palms where we ended up staying for two nights. It's a lovely private, centrally located area with vacation rental flats and had enough space for the 6 of us. It was also August which is low season so no one else was renting while we were there so yay 4 that. The video is currently being worked on, and we're prepping the release for the single also. And now here are some photos from the very brief 5 days of my trip, xoxo